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Eastridge Kids' Day Camp 2019

8-12 July 2019 $90 - 180
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Dates & Times

  • 8-12 Jul 2019
    9:00am - 3:00pm

Attendee Types

  • Preschool (Half-Day)
    51 remaining
  • Elementary (AM)
    459 remaining
  • Elementary (All-Day)
    358 remaining

About Eastridge Kids' Day Camp 2019

Join Elliot, a brave knight, as he goes on a quest to reach the Celestial Kingdom of Light! Help Elliot make the right choices as he encounters Queen Sneer of Snollygoster, Brobdingnagian the gentle giant, Princess Penelope of Kindsville and of course Nogard the cunning dragon.

This week will be an amazingly fun-packed experience for your child! Elementary students will be able to choose from 3 different tracks: Sports, Art, or STEM. These tracks will determine which of all the activities they will participate in throughout the week.

Your child is able to choose one of the three tracks for the AM and then another one of the three tracks for the PM if they are registered for All-Day Camp. Once they have chosen the track(s) they then have two different activities they can chose from in that track.

Sports Track Courses:
1. Flag Football
2. Soccer
3. Basketball

Art Track Courses:
1. Fashionista: Learn how to draw, make jewelry, and design your fashion!
2. All About the Stage: Learn acting, dancing, costume, and set design.
3. Lights, Camera, Action: Photography, movie production, and powerpoint.

STEM Track Courses:
1. Hands-On Science: Chemistry and lab fun!
2. Hands-On Physics: explosions, catapults, and lego design.
3. Junior Iron Chef: Learn the science of baking to be the next best chef!

Morning Check-In: 8:30am

Half-Day and Preschool Pickup: 12:00pm

All-Day Pickup: 3:00pm

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